About Us

The Vision


 We love our community and our vision is to deliver affordable home-cooked meals to Arkansas families in time of bereavement. The loss of a loved one is never easy. We hope to take the stress of having to feed the influx of people that come and offer condolences off of your plate and allow that time to be used for family time or other areas of planning.  Send a meal or menu item to a friend or allow us to take care of your family hour or repast. 

Our owner


Arkansas Native, Monique Ford, combines her passion for cooking and her love for people as the motivation behind Bereavement. For years her family has come together to provide home-cooked meals for friends and family after the loss of a loved one. The responses of gratitude and appreciation from the families that received the meals are what makes her want to offer this service on a broader spectrum.  She is excited to offer your family a comfort meal when you need comfort the most.